mysteryIt is important to understand the relativity of things.  What is normal to you may be very strange to me.  What is weird to you might seem very normal to me.  So what is orthodox?  Well, everything depending on who you ask!  This is Orthodox Central, where we cover the spectrum of studies related to the spirit, from religion and mysticism, to paranormal and occult.  There are so many ways humanity has attempted to touch upon the divine mystery, and we intend to catalog and explore these items further.

Have you ever sat still for a long time, and lost your sense of boundaries and felt your mind expand beyond it’s normal limits, even with the assistance of illicit substances?  Have you ever stared at the stars or ocean and lost your frame of reference and become one with it all?  This grand mystery is with us all of the time.  We ask why about many things.  Why do we exist?  Why are we here?  We ask who created this?  Why create this?  What is the meaning of this?  These are the questions asked by the scholars of consciousness.  By those of us who wish to be in tune and in harmony with nature.  Those of us, who like the mushroom, hope to spread this knowledge, compassion, and enlightenment like a fungal network amongst our brothers and sisters.  We want to swim free in the ocean of the cosmos like a sea dragon, with no concerns or anxieties.

Anyone who offers an answer is most likely incorrect, simply because the mystery is far more grand than anything we can dream up with your un-liberated minds.  The attempt though, is what brings us closer to the mystery, and paradoxically allows us to relax into this groundlessness.  We want to know answers to questions like is there a god, or are there aliens?  It’s not the answers, but the adventure in trying to find that answer that will take us deeper into ourselves and into the mystery.  Be patient, for all will be revealed when it is your time to know.  For some, it is already being revealed, and they choose to share this gift with others. http://www.psychicliving.net talks about this gift of vision and perception.  Anyone with a high level of internal purification and cleansing may pass through this fire into clear vision beyond their own eyes.